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Overview of Canada and Quebec

Overview of Canada and Quebec

Open the door to a new world… Canada

A model of diversity, Canada celebrates the advancement of ethnic, religious and cultural freedom, and with it, the freedom to pursue – and realize – one’s dreams. Canada is also one of the G7 countries that invest the most in education. A guarantee of success, the Canadian university diploma is recognized world-wide, and opens the door to a successful career.

Canada is among the world’s leading economies, consistently ranking in the top tier in terms of trade and expansion outlooks. The range of industries it excels in is an apt reflection of the country’s diverse character, as Canada continues to set the standard and attract top talent in aerospace, agrifood, information and communication technologies, life sciences and chemical products, to name a few.

Nation’s lifestyle and quality of life tops in United Nations books

Canada consistently ranks among the best places in the world to live in, according to an annual United Nations survey that evaluates overall quality of life. Canada's largest cities, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, are officially recognized as world-class cities in which to live and work. Like the nation’s capital, Ottawa, and Quebec City, they are widely known for their cleanliness, safety, cultural life and appealing lifestyles. Canada pioneered modern universal healthcare. By law, Canadians enjoy access to a comprehensive, portable and publicly administered health insurance system that is enforced across the country’s provinces and territories.

One of several Canadian world-class cities

Yet every Canadian province boasts a vibrant city-center that serves as both engine and inspiration. The province of Quebec derives its verve from one of the oldest and best-loved North American cities. Montreal is recognized as a true hub of international trade, an undisputed cultural metropolis, and a perfect venue for a wide range of sporting activities. British Columbia’s claim is Vancouver, with its spectacular natural scenery and bustling metropolitan core. Ontario marches to the beat of Toronto, skilled at balancing economy and art with aplomb as Canada’s theater and business capital. Ottawa, the nation’s capital, also in Ontario, is often referred to as ‘Silicon Valley North’ because of its high concentration of high-tech companies.

Canada at a glance

  • Constitutional monarchy and a federal state with a democratic parliament
  • Ten provinces and three territories
  • Currency is the Canadian dollar, which is divided into 100 cents
  • Official languages are English and French
  • Population of approximately 35,850,000 inhabitants
  • The world's second-largest country, at 9,970,610 square kilometres
  • Largest province is Quebec, at 1.5 million square kilometers
  • Climate spans all four seasons, especially in the regions lying along the U.S. border
  • The maple leaf is the country's most widely and instantly recognized symbol.

The largest province… Quebec

Canada’s largest province, Quebec, enjoys a long-standing tradition as the country’s historical point of entry. After all, this is where the explorers who discovered Canada originally landed. Ever since, Quebec, and its financial and cultural hub, the city of Montreal, have served as a gateway to the Americas for families, investors and corporations alike.

A combination of ‘joie de vivre’ and high standards of living, North American ‘savoir-faire’ and Euro charm, Quebec ranks among the world’s major economic players, especially in the technology sector. Once mainly dependent on its formidable natural resources, Quebec reinvented itself as a global front-runner in today’s knowledge economy – a glowing testament to the practical application of values such as openness and diversity to business, as the province successfully fosters traditional industries, like hydroelectricity, with modern sectors such as information technology, aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and robotics.

Here are few videos available from Youtube. For more inspirational sights and sounds from Quebec, we invite you to check Bonjour Quebec, which is the province's official tourism portal, as well as Tourism Montreal and their channel on YouTube.


Did you know?

Quebec is the largest province in Canada. The capital city is Quebec City, while the largest city is Montreal. It is a French speaking province nicknamed "La Belle Province" because of the diverse landscape and architecture. Its motto "Je me souviens" is French for "I remember".

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